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The DANCING GROUP OF AEGIO was founded ίn 1978 and today is one of the biggest, ίn number of dancers, Cultural Associations of Greece, which deal with the teaching, presentation and distribution of Greek traditional dances. It has given hundreds performances at the region of Aigialia, at the communities of Achaia but also at a lot of cities of Greece and at foreign countries. Stations in the history of Dancing Group are his first exit in 1982 at international festival at the CORlZIA of Northern Italy and the third place in the competition, but also the golden medal in 1991 at the SCHOTEN of Antwerp of Belgium, in world festival. It has also taken part in six world festivals in 1986 and 1992 at NICE of FRANCE, in 1996 at the MARTIGVES, in 1999 at SAINTES of FRANCE, in 2000 once again at SCHOTEN οf BELGIUM and in 2001 in AMBERT FRANCE. The Dancing Group has also participated in three European meetings, in 1985 and 1990 at BITBOURG of Germany and in 1998 in the European meeting of young persons at BOURG LUNDGIST AIN KASSEL. From 1982 until today it has given above of 160 performances in international festivals of 100 cities of France -Italy -Germany -Belgium -Holland -Spain -Forrner Soviet Union -Yugoslavia -Cyprus -Finland ­Portugal -Czech Republic. It has an inexhaustible repertory, part of which presents the orchestra of the Dancing Group of Aegio. Ιn 2003 our dancing group will represent, for the First time in sixty years, our country, ίn the world Festival AmelieLes Bains France, along with Argentina, Russia, Hungary, Costa Rica, Volivia, China, Romania, and the Islands of Fidji. 4st-141st August 2003 other 40 members of the Dancing Group took part in the 61th INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL in Amelie-Lais-Bains Palalda in S. France. 21st-31st August 2003 other 40 members of the Dancing Group took part in the 6th FESTIVAL TIRRENO in Casttoreale in Siccily where they won the 1st prize, among Servia, Romania, Bulgary and Portugal. In 2004 from 4 to 10 August took place in the INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF DANCES AND COSTUMES OF SCHWALENBERG in Germany where was applaused as the best group between countries such as India, Russia, Netherlands, Mexico, Spain, Bulgary, Schotland and Germany. The performances were watched by the president of Netherlands’ C.I.O.F.F. , Gerard Van Damme. In 2005 the group participated in many artistic activities not only in Greece but also in the International Festival of Bedarieux in France. As for 2006 our dancing group will take part in the 47th World Festival at Montrejeau, France.
In 2006, despite of our initial agreement with the 47th Wordl Festival Montrejeau in France and due to the above Festival not meeting our standards, our group finally agreed to participate in the 9th Festival Tirreno in Castroreale of Sicily.
In 2007, Horeftikos Omilos of Aeghio participated with two group to the 23rd Sivo festival in Odoorn, Holland, where the spectators were excited from the high standard of performances. The families that offered their hospitality were very pleased that the dancers were able to speak English and German fluently. 
In 2008, Horeftikos Omilos of Aeghio celebrated 30 years of intense activation. With very impressive manifestations, which lasted 3 days (13-15 of July 2008), at Psila Alonia in Aeghio, showing dances from all districts of Greece only with its own dancers and with different, for each region, orchestras. Participated also, the Romanian professional group TARA VRANCEI.
From 28/07 up to 04/08 2008 , Horeftikos Omilos, with island and thracian groups, took part at the 28th International Folklore Festival of Porto in Portugal (Peru, Portugal, Bulgaria, Kalmikia, Greece, Russia, Serbia, Spain), while presenting Greek dances in Braga and in Contomar. From 28/08 up to 01/09 2008 , participated at the 2nd International Festival "Nestia - Tzarevo 2008" in Black Sea in Bulgaria (Moldova, Bulgaria, Greece, Jordan, Slovakia), first time with an adult group. 11/09/2008 covered, with a 2 hours performance, a manifestation of the Prefecture of Achaia (Archeotour-Interreg IIIA-Greece-Italy).
From 01/10/2008 the dancing lessons started with 21 groups of beginners and advanced, young and adults, for 32nd year. Director all these years, the physical education instructor Christos KILIAS.

The year 2009 was really active with many successful presentations not only in Greece but also abroad. In Greece, the number of spectators made an impression in every performance. At the end of June, 2 groups of adults dancers presented Greek traditional dances in the South Hungary (Molahalom, Cserkeszolo, Oroshaza, Szoreg). There, they were shown round in Szeged, in Udine of Italy and in Venice.
In August 3 groups of young dancers, visited Bulgaria, showing dances in Balchik in the Black Sea, located 30 km north of Barna.
The cultural manifestations of this summer ended the 20/09/2009 with a big presentation in Aeghio.

2010 was another year of intense activity with established events in January and February involving 250 dancers of different groups in each event. In the second week of February, the ball of the Group took place. In March, 120 dancers paraded on the National feast of March 25 and then presented a program of Greek dances. A vast number of people watched the feast of the end of the dancing year 2009-10 in May, where 300 dancers participated. Other performances, with the participation of 3 to 5 groups each time, were given at: Achaia (Heliki - Elaionas - Avithos - Alsos - OPAKE - OTE Temeni Egion). Korinthia (Zevgolatio) Etoloakarnania (Antirio) Fokida (Elea). The Group also gave performances abroad in July with 2 adult groups in Morocco (Meknes - Rabat - Casablanca - Volubilis - Ifrane) and 2 groups of students in Turkey (Istanbul - Halki - Isle of Antigone). 24 new uniforms (Women uniforms from Thrace and Asia Minor and Men uniforms from Almopia) have also been ordered and will be received within December costing a total of 14.000Eur. All the money covering these costs comes from membership fees.

2011 :  14/4 - 20/4/2011 Lido di Jesolo - Venezia ITALY.   31/7 - 11/8/2011 Eeklo - Moerbeke Waas BELGIUM. 17/8 - 23/8/2011 Konstantinopolis - Proti - Prigipos TURKEY. In Greece : 30/1, 6/2, 25/3, 20/5, 28/5, 28/7/2011 Egion. 2/5/2011 Kounina, 21/5 Patra, 11/6 Aiges, 16/6, 30/6, 6/7, 20/7/2011 Temeni Aigialias, 19/6/2011 Kifisia,  19/7/2011 Neohorion Mesologiou, 22/7, 7/8/2011 Akrata, 23/7/2011 Eleonas Aigialias.

. On the 21st March 2012 a group of 20 dancers accompanied by the director and the president of Horeftikos Omilos of Aeghio, the Bishop of Kalavrita and Aigialia and the  Deputy Mayor with responsibility for cultural matters of Aeghion travelled to Detroit U.S.A to participate in the celebrations for the National feast of the 25th of March. The events took place in Detroit, Troy, Southgate and Warren. On the 26th- 28th of March they visited N. York as guests of the Greek Community whose hospitality was really moving.
On July 2012 the Dancing group travelled to Italy as a guest of the Greek Community of Naples and Campania to take part in the revival of the ancient feast of  Posidoniata in Paestum and to meet Marco Caldi, Mayor of Cava de Tirreni, the first Italian Mayor who gave his salary for the economic support of Greece. Our dancers, who were accompanied by the Mayor of Aeghio Mr. Stathis Theodorakopoulos ,gave two performances.
On the 7th of September 2012 Horeftikos Omilos organized a beautiful and original feast which had great success. 100 of our dancers (without traditional costumes this time) performed dances from 9 regions of Greece.
2013 dancing in Italy  Venezia ( Lido di Jesolo ) and 25 performances in the Greece ( Siros - Santorini - Aigion etc ).

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